Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Unfinished Cabinet Doors

When you're searching "Unfinished Cabinet Doors" we have the widest selection, highest quality, and most affordable unfinished cabinet doors anywhere. Established in 1980 Cabinetdoor.com is your direct-from-the-manufacturer unfinished cabinet door supplier. We are proud to be able to sell not only in volume to cabinet door installers and general contractors but also to homeowners.

Cabinet Door gives cuts out the middleman that inflates the prices with extra shipping and salesmen. This ends up saving you 30-50% off from what you'd pay at a retail big box location.

Paying Retail
For Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Big box stores and other retailers of unfinished cabinet doors need to mark up the cost of their products to cover warehousing, keep their store's lights on, pay sales and office staff, and keep their showroom comfortable. Their salesmen sit getting paid waiting for customers to come in, driving up the prices. In addition retail stores many times buy from cabinet door distributors which also inflates pricing. That means you're likely the third buyer of the same cabinet doors!

Buying Unfinished
Cabinet Doors Direct

When you buy from Cabinet Door you are getting your unfinished cabinet doors directly from the factory and shipped straight to you. There's no distributor or retailer needing to mark up the cost of the doors to get their paychecks. The doors are sold once, and shipped once, straight to the people that need them. Buying direct from the manufacturer is the best way to get the highest quality, best service, and unmatched value and pricing.

Direct To The Public Selling

The longer the supply chain in getting your cabinet doors the more they will cost. A lot of competitors will only sell in bulk to distributors, retailers, general contractors, and cabinetry companies. This means that they add margin every time they buy and resell the cabinet doors. This drives the prices up and, while the quality might be good, the value is lost as the price becomes too high. While we sell in bulk, we also make it possible for the homeowner to order direct from the factory to avoid the high prices of retail stores.

How We Sell Cabinet Doors Cheaper

We are able to sell the highest quality unfinished cabinet doors at the best prices because we are the manufacturer. We don't have retail locations or sales people driving up the prices of your doors. You get the best prices when you place an order with Cabinet Door and the best products. When you want the highest quality without having to pay retail prices, Cabinet Door is the answer.

Save 50% on your unfinished cabinet door order over what you'd pay at a retail store!

Shop Unfinished Cabinet Doors 

Shop our selection of unfinished cabinet doors below, but now you can also order your doors pre-finished too:

Unfinished Cabinet Replacement Cabinet Doors

The Unfinished Cabinet replacement cabinet doors are affordable, while keeping to our industry-leading quality standards. We always use the highest quality sustainable woods to fabricate our cabinet doors for your kitchens and bathrooms. This makes it easy for everyone to order from our site, get the best quality, and save money!

Homeowners, general contractors, and cabinetry installers prefer ordering unfinished cabinet doors as it gives them the ability to use the same stain on the doors as the rest of the cabinetry. If you're planning on painting your cabinet doors to match your kitchen our unfinished paint grade cabinet doors are a great option.

Placing Your Unfinished Cabinet Door Order

It's quick and easy for you to place an order for unfinished cabinet doors with CabinetDoor.com. You select the style of door, type of wood, and if you want the doors drilled for blum hinges. Then just let us know the quantity and sizes you need for your kitchen and we do the rest. Once you "add to shopping cart", and complete your order we can usually ship your order within 7-to-10 business days! We ship anywhere in the United States.

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