Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker Cabinet Doors

When you’re searching for new or replacement Shaker Cabinet Doors can help!  Our factory offers shaker cabinet doors direct to the public as well as cabinet installation companies, retail chains, and general contractors.

We provide the highest quality shaker cabinet doors at the best wholesale prices.  We sell our cabinet doors unfinished and offer them in paint grade woods for home owners seeking white shaker cabinet doors for their kitchens.  They come ready to paint and will last for many years to come.

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Shaker Cabinet Doors

New & Replacement Shaker Cabinet Doors

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an older kitchen, our new shaker cabinet doors will be durable and precisely made to your size specifications.  The shaker door is fabricated with the cope & stick method and has an inset-panel.  You can order your shaker door in any wood species you like, but the door shown as our featured image is in Select Oak.

What Is A Shaker Cabinet Door?

Shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts are those that have a 5-piece door design.  They consist of 4 frame sections along with a flat center panel.  Another distinct feature of the shaker cabinet door design is that the frame sections join using the cope and stick joinery method that creates 90° angles where the top and bottom sections fit into the side frame sections.

Shaker Cabinet Door Advantages

Shaker cabinet doors, especially white shaker cabinet doors, have exploded in popularity for a number of reasons.  They have a simple and elegant look and style, are incredibly durable, and can fit into virtually any bathroom or kitchen cabinetry design. 

Advantage 1. – Style

The style of shaker cabinet doors is as elegant as it is simple. It features clean lines and no ornamentation on the frame sections or the inset panel.  This gives the cabinet door design a simple and beautiful look that avoids excessive business in visual presentation in your home.

Advantage 2. – Durable Construction

In addition to benefiting from our highly precision woodworking machinery the shaker cabinet door design is naturally durable.  Shakers prided themselves on simplicity and durability which and our shaker cabinet doors stay true to that heritage with a durable design and fabrication.

Advantage 3. – Design Versatility

Should you want to change the style of your bathroom or kitchen a shaker cabinet door design’s simplicity will make it possible to change out crown moulding, baseboards, or any other details while still allowing the cabinet doors to blend seamlessly into your home’s design.

Advantage 4 – Fits In Any Room

For homes that want to have a theme running from their kitchen and bathroom to living rooms or laundry rooms the shaker cabinet door style delivers.  They will look great anywhere you install them and offer your home consistency in woodworking style that unifies the theme.

Ordering Shaker Cabinet Doors

Placing an order for our shaker cabinet door is simple and easy.  Visit one of the pages listed above, click to select the wood type you prefer, list how many of that size you need in width by height.  Then choose if you want the doors drilled for concealed Blum hinges and if you’d like to order them with your doors.

Shaker Cabinet Doors, a style which is the symbol of master woodworkers of the northeast. The Shaker style is defined by thoughtful consideration for proportion and function over ornamentation. This style element makes the Shaker cabinet door style incredibly popular in homes that prefer modern clean minimal lines that aren’t busied by excessive details like carvings or inlays. You can also buy shaker cabinet doors at our sister site The Door Stop.