Recessed Cabinet Doors

When you search for recessed cabinet doors with inset panel manufactures the highest quality wholesale recessed cabinet doors anywhere.  We carry a wide variety of styles of recessed cabinet doors that you can order in your choice of wood and in the custom size you need for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. is the factory so you save up to 30% and get your door shipped straight to your job site, store, or even your home!

Recessed Cabinet Doors

Mitered Recessed Cabinet Doors

Mitered recessed cabinet doors are fabricated with a mitered woodworking joint.  Mitered joints are those that are made by having corresponding frame sections cut with 45° angles that come together and make diagonal seams at each of the 4 corners.

Cope & Stick Recessed Cabinet Doors

Cope and stick recessed cabinet doors are made by utilizing the mortise and tenon joint.  This type of joint features top and bottom frame sections that fit into the sides of the side frame sections.  A good example of this door is the Shaker Cabinet Door.

Recessed Cabinet Door Advantages

There are a number of great advantages to recessed cabinet doors.  They last longer, have a more appealing appearance to many, and help keep the space they are installed in feeling bigger.

Lasting Longer

It’s natural to lean against your cabinet doors while working in your kitchen.  With inset or recessed panels you’ll be making less hard contact with the door and causing less abrasions and wear.  Just having a little less door protruding will help the doors stay looking better longer.

Looking Better

Many customers prefer a inset panel for their cabinet doors as it offers an uncluttered simple presentation.  They don’t have the various groves or extra layer of design and texture that raised panel cabinet doors have.  This makes the rest of your kitchen stand out better.

Makes Spaces Feel Bigger

While it might not seem like a lot the door panels sticking out in a raised panel design can end up visually encroaching on space in the bathroom or kitchen.  Many times these spaces aren’t very large and every small detail can either make it feel bigger or much smaller.

Buy Recessed Cabinet Doors

If you’d like to buy recessed cabinet doors with inset panels, can help!  Our team will custom fabricate your cabinet doors to the size specifications you want, and in the wood type you prefer.   To place your order simply browse the doors listed on this page, click the one you like, and fill out the size, quantity, and wood type you would like.  Once we have your order we will make your doors in less than 10 days and ship them straight to your shop, job site, or home!