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If you’re searching “Cheap Cabinet Doors”, "Unfinished Cabinet Doors" or "Cabinet Doors For Sale", can help! You’re most likely just looking buy new or replacement kitchen cabinet doors for your home, or you’re a cabinet installation company looking for the best products at discount prices for your customers. In either case, we have the inexpensive solution you are looking for. We offer the cheapest cabinet doors online!

We are your “direct from the manufacturer” cabinet door company.  When you buy directly from us without the retail middle man you can save 30-50%!

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Cheap Unfinished Cabinet Doors

There are many homeowner and designers that desire finishing cabinet doors on their own. Cheap unfinished cabinet doors enables them to determine which wood stains, styles and colors they want to go with when their cabinet doors arrive. In addition, it aids in keeping manufacturing costs down, which is reflected in the price. Our mission is to offer the public the best product at the best price.

Cheap Replacement Cabinet Doors

Our cheap replacement cabinet doors are affordably priced but are far from cheap quality. We use the highest quality wood to create our kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. This makes it easier for homeowners, general contractors and interior designers alike to save money while purchasing replacing cabinet doors.

Unfinished cabinet doors are popular with homeowners and designers that would like to finish or paint their kitchen cabinet doors themselves. This gives the ability to choose colors, wood stains and the style you prefer on the doors. We keep the costs low so you can benefit the most.

Don't Pay Retail Prices For Cabinet Doors

Retailers and big box stores that sell cabinet doors have to mark up the prices to pay their sales staff, keep the lights on, and provide climate control for a building whether there are customers there or not.  Staff sit in these stores getting paid to wait, in case a customer walks in.  Retail stores also don’t usually buy directly from the factory but from distributors.  This means that when you buy from retailers your cabinet doors have probably already been sold twice before.

Buying Cabinet Doors Direct From The Manufacturer offers direct from the manufacture order placement and shipping straight to your home or cabinetry shop.  This means there is no repeated markup as the product gets to a local store, it comes straight to you from the factory.  When you order direct from the factory there is no sales staff to pay, there is no distributor or retail markup.  There are even less shipping costs and all of this results in you getting the high quality doors you want, at drastically cheaper prices.

Direct To The Public Selling

We take out the middle men such as distributors and retailers to offer the highest quality cabinet doors directly to consumers, cabinet installers, and general contractors.  Other cabinet door companies haven’t invested in online ordering systems or added the staff needed to take, make, and ship your cabinet door order.  They prefer only fulfilling bulk orders for distributors or retail sales companies.  We offer the consumer, homeowner, contractor, or anyone else the ability to place the order they need without having to pay retail prices.

How We Sell The Cheapest Cabinet Doors

We are able to sell our cabinet doors cheaper than our competition because we are the manufacturer offering our doors at wholesale prices. We don't have salesmen that are making a commission every time they sell one of our doors. We make the doors in our factory to bring you the most affordably priced cabinet doors in the industry. We give you direct access to wholesale prices online. You can buy our cabinet doors for a little less than half of what you would spend at a retail location.

Direct cabinet door retailers can fill orders online while providing better prices as the website does most of the work of selling. There are no sales people to paid, and no brick and mortar locations to maintain. is a quality and affordable approach to purchasing cabinet doors at lower prices than the competition. The massive selection of style and color, along with quality remains. You simply save on added cost of buying from a retail location.

Placing An Order For Cheap Cabinet Doors

It’s easy and simple to order your cabinet doors from  Select the type, style, and type of wood you want.  Then enter the quantity and size you need and if you want holes drilled for blum hinges and if you’d like to purchase them.  Then just click “Add to Shopping Cart” and complete your order.  Once we have received your order we offer quick turnaround and shipping anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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