MDF Cabinet Doors

MDF Cabinet Doors

If you are searching for "MDF Cabinet Doors", "Cheap MDF Cabinet Doors", "White MDF Cabinet Doors", "MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors" or "Custom MDF Cabinet Doors", CabinetDoor.Com can help with wholesale pricing! Almost all of our cabinet doors we sell online are built with MDF panels, especially our painted cabinet doors. Our MDF Shaker Cabinet Doors are by far the most popular order we receive. 

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What are MDF Cabinet Doors?

MDF cabinet doors are simply cabinet doors manufactured using (MDF) Medium density fiberboard. MDF has gained a lot of popularity recenly and is slowly becoming one of the most popular cabinet doors for sale. MDF is great because it is smooth, free of knots/grain pattersn, very dense and is a great alternative for solid wood cabinet doors. MDF also works great for painting becuase the woodgrain doesn't show through.

What is Medium Density Fiberboard Made Out Of?

MDF is made out of wood particles and resin to bind the particles together. These particles are uniformly seperated to create a fine material that goes through a pressure steaming and cooking process before it is bound togheter with more adhesive and heat. 
MDF offers a similar look to natural wood but without as many limitations. As a result of the way MDF cabinet doors are constructed, cutting this wood makes for clean edges without chipping or burring. MDF is usually denser that most solid woods so using the highest quality trimiming and cutting tools is a must. 

MDF Pros & Cons

Read through the pros & cons of using MDF for your cabinet doors and see how it stacks up against solid wood and plywood. We fill your order no matter what kind of material you want for your cabinet doors. MDF is a common material used for cabinet doors and especially cabient door panels and paint grade cabinet doors. Everything we machine is done to the highest possible standards for quality and durability.

Solid Wood Vs. MDF Cabinet Doors

Most of the time MDF actually outperforms solid wood in the cabinet door construction process. This is because solid wood cabinet doors are constructed with 5 seperate pieces: A center panel and four frame pieces. While MDF cabinet doors are one solid piece of wood. The solid woods typically used for cabinet door construction are MDF, hard maple, birch, alder, soft maple and poplar. 

Plywood Vs. MDF Cabinet Doors

Here we view plywood vs MDF cabinet doors and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

MDF Advantages

  • MDF is cheaper than plywood
  • MDF doesnt contains grain or knots like plywood
  • MDF is great for painting due to its smoothness

MDF Disadvantages

  • Basically particle board
  • Can soak up water unless sealed properly
  • MDF is heavy
  • MDF could contain urea-formaldehyde but can be avoided

Plywood Advantages

  • Less likely to receive water damage
  • Hold screws in place tightly
  • Perfect for table tops and kitchen cabinets

Plywood Disadvantages

  • More expensive than MDF
  • Edges need to be finished
  • Harder to get a smooth cut
  • Cutting designs are more difficult

MDF Applicatons 

(MDF) or medium density fiberboard is a man-made wood product usually formed by breaking down softwood or hardwood leftovers into wood fiber. MDF wood is used as the primary panel in our MDF recessed panel cabinet doors and is used as a raised panel in our MDF raised panel doors. MDF is a great material that can also be used for remodeling projects as its nearly as attractive as real solid wood after painting but isnt nearly as expensive. Most cabinet door manufacturers have been using MDF fiber wood for many decades.  

Benefits Of MDF Cabinet Doors

  • MDF cabinet doors are affordable 
  • Extremely durable 
  • MDF takes paint well
  • MDF outperforms most solid wood 
  • MDF is denser than most solid wood
  • Free of knots or wood grain
  • Exceptional alternative for solid wood
  • No burring or chipping 

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Buy affordable MDF cabinet doors online by browsing through our website. To place an order: Select the type of cabinet door would like to purchase, select MDF for the wood type, enter the height/width you need and then click purchase. You can also shop MDF cabinet doors on our sister website