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Adobe Kitchen Cabinet Door

The Adobe Recessed Panel Cabinet Door
Price: $0.00
Manufacturer: Cabinet Door Factory



The Adobe sister door is the Shaker Cabinet Door.

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Adobe Family

  • Adobe 5 Piece Drawer Front

    Adobe 5-piece drawer front in Red Oak $6.00

    Price of drawer front = Sq.Ft. price + $6.00 per drawer front. Min. Width - 6" Min. Height - 4 3/16" In this drawer front the grain in the panel will run vertically.

  • Adobe French Lite Cabinet Door (4 Lites)

    Adobe 4-French Light Cabinet Door $34.52

    Price of door = Sq.Ft. price + $8.63 per lite. Min. Width - 12" Min. Height - 12" Details same as "Cabinet Door" with same name. Example - Adobe Cabinet Door and Adobe French Lite Cabinet Door are identical construction minus the panel.

  • Adobe Glass Ready Cabinet Door

    Adobe Glass cabinet door $0.00

    Min. Width - 6" Min. Height - 5 5/8" The details of this door are the same as the "Cabinet Door" of same name. Example - The Adobe Glass Ready Cabinet Door will be the same as the Adobe Door except without the panel and the back is cut-out to allow you to install your glass.

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  • Shaker Cabinet Doors

    Our Shaker Cabinet Door is available in all 14 wood types we offer. $0.00

    Read more about our Shaker Cabinet Doors below Minimum door charge is 1 Sq. Ft. Min. Width - 6" Min. Height - 5 5/8" Max. Width - 30" Max. Height - 60" This Cope & Stick door has 2 1/4" stiles and rails. The StileCut is our SC2, the Panel is 1/4" inset, and the outside edge is Edge #4 (square). This door is shown in Select Red Oak

  • Trenton Cabinet Door

    Trenton Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Door $0.00

    The Trenton is a Cope & Stick, Inset-Panel door with 3" stiles & rails. Min. Width - 7 3/16" Min. Height - 7 1/8" The stiles & rails are 3" wide and are machined with our StileCut SC6. The Panel is inset and the outside edge is our edge #30. The door shown is in Color-Selected Hard Maple. Our line of Inset Panel doors start at only $14 each!

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