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Pueblo Cabinet Door

Our Pueblo Cabinet Door is an inset panel, square, design.
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Our Pueblo Cabinet Door is an inset panel, square, cope & stick design.

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Pueblo Family

  • Pueblo 5 Piece Drawer Front

    Our Pueblo 5-Piece Drawer Front is an inset panel door $6.00

    The Pueblo 5 Piece Drawer Front Price of drawer front = Sq.Ft. price + $6.00 per drawer front. Min. Width - 5 5/8" Min. Height - 4 3/16" In this drawer front the grain in the panel will run vertically.

  • Pueblo Glass Ready Cabinet Door

    Pueblo Glass Ready Cabinet Door $0.00

    Min. Width - 6" Min. Height - 5 5/8" Details same as "Cabinet Door" with same name. Example - Adobe Cabinet Door and Adobe Glass Ready Cabinet Door are identical construction minus the panel.

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  • Cheyenne Cabinet Door

    The Cheyenne Kitchen Cabinet Door $0.00

    Cheyenne, Inset Panel Cabinet Door Min. Width - 11 1/4" Min. Height - 8" This is a very attractive and popular door available in all wood types.

  • Pine Country Cabinet Door

    Pine Country Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Door $0.00

    If you’re searching for Pine Country style cabinet doors we can help! Install some country charm in your kitchen or bathroom by ordering our Pine Country cabinet door style. It has the style, warmth, and authentic look of the country and piney woods. Pine Country style door is a Cope & Stick, Raised Panel door. Min. Width - 8 11/16" Min. Height - 8 5/8" The stiles & rails are 2 1/4" wide and machined with our SC8. The Panel Cut is our PC0, and the outside edge is our #15 with a back-bevel top-and-bottom. This door is shown in color-selected Alder.

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