Cabinetry 101: What Are Mitered Cabinet Doors?

If you’re building a new home or are remodeling your kitchen you’re likely to be asking the question, “What are mitered cabinet doors?”.  Choosing the right style, construction, and wood type is a big part of deciding what cabinetry to have installed or what cabinet doors to order.  This post will help you understand what mitered cabinet doors are, how they are made, and what the benefits of mitered cabinet doors are.

What Is A Mitered Cabinet Door?

A mitered cabinet door is one where there are 5 sections of wood assembled together using 45° angles at the corners.  The 5 sections of the door are the panel in the center and 4 sections of wood at the top, bottom, and each side.  Mitered cabinet doors are superior to slab cabinet doors which are simply a piece of wood.

How Are Mitered Cabinet Doors Made?

As the sections on the top, bottom, and sides meet the 45° angles create the 90° angles that make up the corners of the door.  Each of the edge sections of wood have a grove on their inner side which holds the insert (center section of wood) in place.  There is always extra space left in the inner channel that holds the insert as it naturally changes size with variations in humidity. This extra space ensures that the insert doesn’t press on the edge sections or buckle.


Mitered cabinet doors differ from another 5-piece cabinet door fabrication method called “cope and stick”.  Cope and stick cabinet doors meet at the corners and the center pieces are flat on their edges and fit flush into the sides of the side sections.

Benefits Of Mitered Cabinet Doors

Mitered cabinet door benefits include resistance to humidity, durable joinery, and a visually attractive appearance.  All of these factors come together to produce some of the most sought after and highest quality cabinet doors on the market.

Mitered Cabinet Doors & Humidity

One of the biggest benefits to 5 piece mitered cabinet door construction is that it stands up well to variations in humidity.  As cabinetry is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms there are daily variations in how much water is in the air.

If someone’s taking a shower or boiling water on the stove, there will be much more humidity in the room.  Slab cabinet doors are a single section of wood which will absorb temporarily some of the humidity in the air.  This causes wood to swell and in the case of slab doors potentially bend or warp.  In fact, the amount a slab door will swell can be as much as 3/16th of an inch.  Various wood types may swell more or less but 3/16ths is the average.  The problem with the swelling and door size changing is that doors that meet in the center may not fit together during periods of higher humidity.

Mitered cabinet doors are designed with space for expansion of the center panel.  Grooves in the inner edge of the stiles and rails are made wider and deeper than the panel to allow for expansion.  This means that homeowners will likely not even notice any changes as the swelling is virtually imperceptible.

Mitered Cabinet Doors For Sale

If you’re interested in purchasing mitered cabinet doors our site offers many styles.  Available in your choice of wood species and custom fabricated to your size specifications you’ll be certain to have the best cabinet doors at the best possible prices!

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