What Are Cope And Stick Cabinet Doors?

If you’re in the process of building a home or remodeling your kitchen cabinets you’ve probably ran across cope and stick cabinet doors.  We’re here to answer the question “What are cope and stick cabinet doors?

Cope And Stick Cabinet Door Definition

A cope and stick cabinet door is one where there are 5 pieces to each door.  There are 4 frame sections, a top, a bottom, and two side sections.  They surround a center panel piece that sits in channel cuts on the inner edge of each of the frame sections. This center panel area can be inset, raised panel, or even be cut to accommodate glass.

Difference Between Cope and Stick and Mitered

Both cope and stick cabinet doors and mitered cabinet doors feature a 5-pieced cabinet door design.  They consist of the 4 frame sections and a center panel.  The difference between the two cabinet door fabrication methods is the angle at which the frame sections connect.


  • Cope and stick cabinet door frame sections connect with a flat 90° joint. This creates horizontal or vertical seams between the frame sections at the joints.
  • Mitered cabinet door frame sections connect with corresponding 45° angles to create a diagonal joint at each of the 4 corners of the cabinet doors.

Cope And Stick Design & Humidity

Wood will always react to variations in humidity. When humidity rises wood swells and expands.  In slab cabinet doors that are just one section of wood this variation in humidity can result in as much as 3/16ths of an inch.  Depending on how the doors are hung it might mean that they touch each other and will not close correctly.

Cope and stick cabinet doors are fabricated to allow for wood swell.  The frame sections that hold the center panel are made to hold the panel securely, but also have some extra space in the channel to allow for expansion.  Cope and stick cabinet door owners will likely never notice this variation in swelling.

Purchase Cope And Stick Cabinet Doors

The cope and stick cabinet door joint style is featured in some of the most popular styles of cabinet doors, like the shaker cabinet door.  It is an incredibly secure joint that will stand the test of time and provide your home with the highest quality cabinet doors.  Best of all we are the factory and sell directly to you, the homeowner.  Cut out the middle man and his high prices, but your cope and stick cabinet doors direct from the factor with CabinetDoor.com.

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