MDF Cabinet Door Pros and Cons

When customers are considering buying new cabinet doors a lot of them ask about MDF Cabinet Doors Pros and Cons.  MDF cabinet doors are one of the most popular options when you’re searching for cabinet doors you will paint to fit into your kitchen or bathroom.  First, we will talk about what MDF is and how it differs from solid wood, plywood, and particle board.  Then we will explore the pros and cons and MDF cabinet doors.

What Is MDF?

MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is an engineered composite wood.  It is like particle board but much stronger due to superior density.  Medium density fiberboard is made from fabrication process waste from wood processing plants.  The dust and scraps are mixed with powerful binders and pressed into large sheets the size of plywood.

MDF Cabinet Door Pros

MDF cabinet doors are excellent for several reasons.  They are easy to paint, resist bug infestation, don’t splinter like particle board, resist humidity changes, and are cheaper than solid wood.  Read below to see all the advantage of MDF.

  • MDF does not warp like solid woods in humidity.
  • MDF is cheaper than solid wood and fits into budgets.
  • MDF is consistent and does not have splinters or voids.
  • MDF has a smooth surface which makes it easy to paint.
  • MDF does not have knots that will show through a coat of paint.
  • MDF’s smooth surface is great if veneers are going to be used.
  • MDF allows for decorative edges as it cuts smooth with a router.
  • MDF is less likely to get infested with bugs than solid wood.

MDF Cabinet Door Disadvantages

The disadvantages of MDF cabinet doors deal with limitations of the material in scratching, high heat, holding screws, tendency to absorb water, and not being as strong as plywood or solid wood.

  • MDF is easy to scratch and cannot be repaired.
  • MDF is not a good option for high heat.
  • MDF is not as strong as solid wood or plywood.
  • MDF’s fine particles are not great for holding screws.
  • MDF will absorb water if it is not sealed properly.
  • MDF contains VOCs, which are typically contained by paint.

Are MDF Cabinet Doors Better Than Solid Wood?

This is a question where the answer will depend on each individual.  Both have attractive advantages for durability, cost, and appearance.  When shopping for new cabinet doors it’s important to seek quality within your remodeling budget.  MDF is a great option for budget conscious shoppers and people who want to allocate more of their budget into other finer points in their remodeling project such as range hoods, top of the line appliances, or more involved remodeling.

Shop MDF Cabinet Doors

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