Guide To Measuring, Ordering, Hinge Installation, and Hanging Cabinet Doors

If you’re installing new kitchen cabinet doors in your home yourself this guide will help.  We will cover how to measure the door sizes you need, how to install new hinges, and how to hang the cabinet doors. This guide works for installing cabinet doors in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you’ve got cabinets in your home.  This step by step guide will take what could be a scary job, and make it more manageable.

Steps To Cabinet Door Installation

While replacing your cabinet doors yourself is a big job, taking it step by step makes it possible for homeowners to get the job done right themselves.  The savings in doing it yourself is significant along with the pride of showing off your handiwork to guests.  At the end of this post you’ll find a step by step video.

Step 1: Measuring Cabinet Doors

Before you place an order you’ll want to know the height and width of the new cabinet doors you want to order.  There are different measurements for single and double doors.  In all cabinet door measuring there is an “overlay” in the measurement where the doors are larger than the opening in the cabinetry.  This measurement varies whether you’re ordering single or double cabinet doors.

Single Cabinet Doors – To measure this correctly you will want to take a measurement of the height and width of the cabinet opening.  You should order your doors 1 inch taller and wider than the opening for the overlay.

Double Cabinet Doors – In the case of double doors that fit over 1 opening they need to be measured to have a ½ inch overlay at the top, bottom, and outside edges with a 1/8th of an inch gap in between them in the center.  When ordering just subtract 1/16th for from the widths to get the 1/8th gap in the center.

Larger Overlays – While ½ inch overlay is a standard overlay size some homes have been designed with cabinetry that features larger overlays.  If you’d like to maintain that style simply measure the opening and add the additional width and height to your door order giving consideration for center gaps in the case of double door larger overlay installation.

Step 2: Ordering Cabinet Doors

The next step is one of the most fun in the process and that is browsing the kitchen cabinet door styles.  There are hundreds of unfinished cabinet door styles to choose from including cope and stick joints, mitered joints, glass ready cabinet doors, and other popular types and styles of cabinet doors.

Once you’ve narrowed down which cabinet door style you like best simply choose the type of wood you want, how many doors you need, the size by width and height, if you want your new doors drilled for concealed blum hinges, and if you want to purchase the blum hinges.  If you have various sizes of doors you will want to add each quantity to your order separately.

Step 3: Installing Hinges

Once your doors arrive the first step will be installing the hinges.  In the case that you ordered your doors with the hinge holes drilled and blum hinges it is fairly straightforward to install them.  They are drilled at the right depth and position for your doors, come with the hinge, mounting plate, and screws you’ll need.

Steps To Mounting The Hinge

  1. Attaching the hinge and mounting plate
    1. Slide the plate into the hinge
    2. Rotating the hinge will result into it snapping into place
  2. Mount the hinge to the door
    1. Each hinge has 3 holes
    2. The large hole is for the hinge cup
    3. The other 2 holes are for alignment
    4. Fit the hinge into the hinge cup
    5. Move it until the hinge drops into the alignment holes
    6. Press down the locking flange and the hinge is installed

Step 4: Hanging The Door

After the hinges are mounted to the door you’re ready to start hanging the doors.

  1. The best method is to start by temporarily attaching a straight edge under the bottom of the opening, at the ½ inch overlay measurement. Use a clamp to hold it in place and use a level to make sure it is positioned well.
  2. Next take your door with the hinge attached and set it on the straightedge. This will put the door at the right height with the top and bottom overlaying the opening equally.
  3. The next step is using a pencil to mark the spots through the mounting plate. This will help you know where to drill the pilot holes for your screws that will hold the plate, hinge, and door.
  4. Take the door out after you mark the slots and drill the pilot holes in the center of your pencil marks.
  5. Using a #2 phillips screwdriver screw the mounting plates into the inside of the cabinets into the pilot holes you’ve just drilled. Don’t completely tighten them down, leave a little play in the plate.
  6. Snap the door into the mounting plates, having an extra set of hands is a really good idea for this step. At this point your doors are hung in the cabinets.

Step 5: Alignment

The last step is the final alignment of the doors.  If you’ve chosen to have the holes drilled at the factory and used blum hinges, these will be minor adjustments at the most.

  1. First you’ll want to install the rubber bumpers that help keep the doors quiet during operation. These damped the sound of the door while it is being closed or opened.  Each hinge should get a bumper at the top and bottom of the hinge.
  2. Blum hinges allow for adjustments on 3 axis, side to side, up and down, and in and out. This allows you to always be able to adjust he doors to be perfectly aligned.
  3. The elongated holes you made with your pencil run up and down and can be loosened slightly to make adjustments to the position of your door up and down.
  4. If you need to make an adjustment to the distance from the cabinet door to the face of the cabinetry you loosen the screws on the hinge furthest from the door
  5. The screws on the hinge closest to the door are for adjusting any issues with the position of the door from left to right.

If the doors aren’t already aligned properly methodically go through these adjustments until you’ve got the perfect professional custom fit you’re looking for.

Instructional Cabinet Door Installation Video

If you’d like a little more help understanding how to install you new cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom watch the video below.  It goes through these instructions step by step as well.

How To Measure, Order, and Install Cabinet Doors

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