Cabinet Door Replacement Costs

If you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen in 2018 you’re likely going to want to know cabinet door replacement costs. Cabinet doors make up for a larger percentage of the surface area in a kitchen or bathroom and define much of the style.

What Is The Cost To Replace Cabinet Doors?

The average cabinet door replacement cost is $50 dollars at a big box retail store.  In comparison offers cabinet doors at an average cost of about $18 dollars.  That means we sell you the same high-quality cabinet doors at about half the cost.  The specific costs will vary more or even less depending on the wood you choose, the size you need, and any options for hinge drilling, hinges, or additional finishing.

National Average Cost For Replacement Cabinet Doors

With both cabinetry companies, big box retailers, and online factory suppliers the average cost of a replacement cabinet door is about $34 dollars.  This is calculated as the best price being from the factory who sells direct to the public at an average cost of $18 dollars and the inflated prices of big box retailers at $50.

Labor Cost To Replace Cabinet Doors

Whether you buy your cabinet doors from us online, buy them from a cabinetry store, or even a big box hardware store they will need to be installed in your home.  This is a decision a consumer typically make based on their skill level, set of tools, and time to do the work.  Having a professional come and install your doors will add an average labor cost of about $182 dollars.

We are proud to be able to offer homeowners a huge savings alternative by selling our high-quality replacement cabinet doors much cheaper, and having guides on measuring, ordering, and installing replacement cabinet doors.

Potential Additional Replacement Cabinet Door Costs

There are some costs that could add to your budget in replacing cabinetry.  As you remodel your home it isn’t uncommon to find hidden problems that must be fixed before remodeling can be started.  It is always a good idea to plan about an extra 15% on your remodeling budget for unexpected additional costs.

Examples of additional costs:

  • Extra cost from removing, relocating, or modifying cabinetry.
  • Cost for moving ovens, ranges, sinks, or even OTR microwaves.
  • Cost of repairing hidden damage found during demolition.
  • Cost of sales tax on all materials and supplies is easy to overlook.
  • Cost of any permits and inspections as part of your remodel.
  • Cost of hiring a cabinetry installation company, add about 20%.

You can mitigate a large percentage of these costs by doing the work yourself and not changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom.  Replacing the cabinet doors and a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, or new lighting goes a very long way in refreshing a bathroom or kitchen!

Save 30% Or More Buying Replacement Cabinet Doors

Clearly everyone wants the biggest bang for their remodeling buck, and delivers!  We offer the highest quality replacement cabinet doors direct to the consumer.  No longer do your cabinet doors keep trading hands from factory to distributor to retailer to you.  You can buy direct from the factory and cut out the middle man’s inflated prices!

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